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Any dog can benefit from obedience training, and you can learn something too. We can teach your pet the basics from potty training to preventing antisocial behavior. Make sure you look through our program schedule and decide which class structure and time works best for you and your pet. Set up a program to make sure your dog develops socially, mentally and physically.

Puppy Preschool

This is a one hour in-home visit to teach you about the A-B-C’s of owning a new puppy and the 3 S’s of potty training. This is great if it's your first puppy or if you haven't had a puppy in years. Also great for teaching the young (child) dog owners in the house. This is for puppies age 8-11 weeks.

A-B-C stands for:
  • A is for ATTENTION (getting your puppy's attention)
  • B is for BONDING (being the pack leader)
  • C is for CONTACT (socializing your puppy to new things)
The three S's stand for:
  • "Schedule it" – know when your pup needs to go
  • "See it" – be with your puppy 
  • "Say it" – use a cue word & reward

Puppy Basics

This is a group class that meets once a week for six weeks, we meet for an hour to establish a communication channel between you and your puppy which sets the foundation for their learning and behavior. This is for puppies under 6 months of age. We will:
  • Practice keeping your puppy's attention
  • Work on your puppy’s self control
  • Socialize to establish good manners with people
  • Socialize to establish good manners with other dogs
  • Understand your puppy’s temperament
  • Begin training basic obedience commands
  • Earn the S.T.A.R Puppy Award

Basic Obedience

This is a group class that meets one hour a week for six weeks, we meet for an hour to teach you the key elements of communicating with your dog using positive reinforcement techniques that tap into the natural talents and abilities of your pet. This is for beginner dogs which are 6 mo or older, for owners with a new older pet (rescue, adopted), or pets and owners wanting a refresher course.You and your pet will learn to:
  • Understand how a dog communicates
  • Understand how a dog learns
  • Demonstrate correct hand, body, and voice signals
  • Identify what is a behavior versus training issue
  • Learn directional and action obedience commands
  • Improve manners with people and other dogs
  • Learn basic obedience commands, and fun tricks

Intermediate Obedience

This is a group class that meets one hour per week for six weeks, we meet for an hour and challenge you and your pet to improve consistency, endurance and capabilities to link commands. All aged dogs are welcomed. Off-leash training will occur and advanced social skills achieved. We will:
  • Practice with distractions
  • String basic commands together
  • Increase level of difficulty for stay and come
  • Introduce off-leash exercises
  • Increase consistency and predictability of behavior
  • Introduce obstacles, and “Rally O”
  • Be ready to test for Canine Good Citizen Award

Behavior Consultations

In order to offer solutions to specific behavior issues, a one hour visit to the owners’ home is necessary. This one hour “behavior assessment” will include meeting and working with the dog, extensive discussions with the owner to collect information, and instructions on how these behaviors can best be managed, improved or corrected. A case specific summary is presented outlining a plan of action. Owners can choose to continue with private training sessions to carryout this plan or choose to conduct the behavior modification plan by themselves. The meeting will involve:
  • Discussions of dogs’ daily routine, lifestyle, environment, age, breed, and health
  • Discussions and observations of dogs’ behavior, reactions, and responses
  • Assessment of temperament
  • Assessment of degree of behavioral issue
  • Outline a plan of action

Canine Good Citizen

Dogs must be over one year of age and have had Basic Obedience. This consists of four lessons, approximately one hour, aimed at preparing you and your pet to participate in the Canine Good Citizen test, designed by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The location of these classes will vary each week in order to simulate public social situations. You will participate in a test at the end of the lessons. There are ten specific social skills you and your pet must demonstrate without error. Any unsocial behavior (growl, bark, whine, run away, jump, lunge, potty on-site) is considered an error and a non-passing mark must be given. A passing mark qualifies the dog to receive an official certificate from the AKC acknowledging the dog's social manners.

Canine Good Citizen Award

Dog Day Care / Boarding School

Your dog is personally trained by a professional trainer at the Top Dog School. You can decide to drop off your dog on a daily basis or leave it overnight. We work personally with your dog to teach it the basic obedience commands, social manners, and even some fun tricks along with lots of playtime. These programs are 2 week (10 day) programs designed to get your new puppy or older dog on track. It also provides you with a training / dog day care service while you're away at work during the early weeks of development to help socialize and potty train young dogs. 

Canine Tricks, Sports & Recreation 

We periodically offer a full 6 week class for you to teach your dog fun tricks, or specific dog sports. Our "Tricks Class" can earn you a Novice Tricks Certificate by "Do More With Your Dog". Also available before and after all group or private training at Top Dog School there is opportunity to use the Top Dog “Dog Park” for fun and recreation with your dog. There are two fenced acres for running and playing.

Private Training

We offer private lessons at your convenience. We meet one hour per week for six weeks and give you and your pet one-on-one attention. Lesson content can be the same as for group training classes or tailored to your specific needs. These are scheduled in the daytime hours and have some flexibility each week. In-home private training at the owners’ home is also available on request and according to location. Schedules are arranged on an individual basis with some flexibility. Socialization skills learned from a group environment are always encouraged.
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